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A Natural approach to Health
Our Story

Norsetec  excels in the field of natural food supplements, that are oriented to address specific health conditions as an all in ONE solution. 

The products we develop are oriented around the needs of the consumer and the suggestions of Doctors and Naturopaths, this way we have managed to develop natural alternative products that contain a mixture of natural ingredients like,  herbs, minerals , vitamins , extracts and trace elements in a single dose while providing a better and faster result.

Norsetec and how it was founded.

The founders father and ex war veteran and farmer was suffering from chronic pains and health complications due to his war injuries, heavy use of pain killers and other medications worsen his condition even more, Doctors suggested that he should cut of some of the medications or at least reduce the doses in order to avoid further health issues,  so his son in an effort to help him at his old age tried to find a more natural approach to address his fathers health issues.

In his quest he became him self a naturopath and helped his father treating his health issues via herbs, vitamins, minerals and more, the problem was that the products available in the market were most of the times single ingredient products per packet, this was not cost effective plus his father had to consume a large number of different products in order to achieve the right combination of  natural ingredients and dosages during the day.

His son had only one option, to develop  custom tailored  formulas as an all in one solution containing all the ingredient’s and right doses in a single dose, once that was achieved he wanted to share his success with other people around the globe and Norsetec emerged.

Food supplements are not medication

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